ISMEC: Production of precision mechanical components

Quality and reliability

Certified company UNI EN ISO 9001


Our departments are supported by a large fleet which is flanked by an highly qualified and highly experienced personnel.

All our products are made thanks to the advanced integrated system, which allows to control and monitor the entire process ensuring a step-by-step control.

All the programs are sent directly to the work center by the programming office after a test of all stages. This uses a two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD-CAM system, capable of designing and manufacturing the most complex pieces.
The operator carries out the sork simulation to verify the accuracy of the program and prevent any collisions of the tool with the piece to work.


The importance that the company places on its welding process has lead ISMEC SRL to develop operating methods in accordance with UNI EN ISO 3834-2 - Welding quality requirements
The system adopted by the organisation guarantees that the welding activities are carried out by a qualified personnel under the instructions of a Welding Manager (RSA).

In particular, the provisions regard the following phases:

  • Welding operators obtaining and maintaining the necessary qualifications;
  • RSA drawing up and managing Welding Procedure Specifications;
  • Managing special welding procedure related information sent by RSA to welders;
  • Defining welding control methods;
  • Obtaining and maintaining non destructive test personnel qualifications;
  • Managing the material and equipment used;
  • Working environment and suitability;
  • Managing relations with the third party that renews qualifications and/or approves Welding Procedures by RSA.

ISMEC Organization Chart

Our company structure allows us to offer to the final customer a complete service for the entire production cycle.
The qualified staff and our equipment are able to fully meet our customers' projects to ensure quality of implementation and timing of high level, thanks to itsdesign and development office, which has gained solid experience in manufacturing and realizing the products.

All products are based on technical drawings and faithfully comply with internal quality controls in order to efficiently combine many internal controls as the magnetic test, the dye penetrant test and the ultrasonic test.

Our dynamic and flexible organization, professionalism and careful management, allow us to be present in many sectors, respecting deadlines and product quality.




  UNI EN ISO 9001:2015           UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2005



                            Calibration LAT 066

Machine Fleet
The machinery and equipment set-up of factory represents a complete solution for the contracting of complete working cycles (steel work construction, turning, milling, grinding and assembling), and our internal testing department tests the accuracy of the execution.

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