ISMEC: Medium and large size structural frames

Oil & Gas

Pumping compressor

ISMEC produces medium and large sized structural frames with certified welding procedures, carried on by patented personnel, with a particular eye on pumping compressor cases and turbine base complete of hydraulic piping.


As offshore supply, we can machine and bore items of various shapes, weight and dimension.

Thanks to the high capacities of our machining tools, we can grind cilynders up to a diameter of 1800 mm. per 10000 mm. in lenght, or 1600 per 16000 mm.


Answering the increasing demand of our clients to carry on final fine calibration on gas turbines in 2008 we have installed a fully hydrostatic machine. Highest flexibility and growing experience are the highlights that make of ISMEC a reliable partner wherever quality of execution and highest precision is a must.