ISMEC: Naval shafts propulsion

Naval and marine propulsion

Naval shafts propulsion

In 1991 ISMEC has chosen to focus its energies and investments on the naval sector as the first strategic objective.

Focusing in a sector means investing on the right machines and skills; from a single, 16 mts (52ft 50”) long lathe (at the time one of the biggest machines of its kind in southern Europe) we have now 4 lathes CNC, working in two shifts/day, all of them reflecting the state of the art of their specific field.

A fifth heavy lathe has been installed in the last few years to complete ISMEC’s offer with special dimensions and weight capacities. Our main customers have oriented our choices and this unceasing pursuit of excellence has made of ISMEC a reliable and proficient technological partner. Amongst the main items composing our offer we list complete axial lines, supplied complete with alignment and resin coating,  as well as rudders, gearboxes of any size, complete stabilizers, hull parts, rudder shafts, manoeuvre propellers and so on.


We can supply to any single part or assembled group (for example load hatches, turret frames and so on) and whatever the client may desire to ask us. All the inspection procedures and standards can be followed with all the certification organisms that the customers will indicate. An advanced CAD-CAM system allows us to produce complex profiles and the virtual model can be perfectly reproduced thanks to an integrated simulation software which replicates the kinematics of the machining tool.