ISMEC: Energy turbine shaft


Energy turbine shaft

From 1995, ISMEC has chosen  the energy sector as one of its main business pillar. This secor has been constantly developed by carrying out  the required investments in machinery and by taking all the necessary strategic actions. An unceasing care has been taken on achieving the highest technical skills; Ismec is now able to provide any type of rotors, cases, stator cages, gears and more, as well as the supply  of  completely assembled groups. All the main fields have been covered, including  hydroelectric, steam, gas, wind and nuclear power generation.


Even the most complex process has been achieved, as our technological background and our workers can guarantee  the highest degree of knowledge in the use of high precision machinery. The constant application of the highest and flexible production standards allow us to count the main international leaders in the energy industry in our customer portfolio. This attitude has become a common way of acting for our team and even the smallest or less demanding customers found benefit from this working method. Today’s market fierce challenges have been won thanks to this self discipline which led ISMEC to overcome the highest customer’s expectations.


From medium-sized shafts to pieces up to 50 tons in weight, we can provide technical support and production skills for turbines over 130 tons of weight and diameters  exceeding  4 meters. The qualified steel carpentry department can build big frames, motor cages, gearbox frames, as well as any structural component, according to customer specifications and ensuring the quality inspections and all the certification requirements.