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High precision mechanical works

Ismec Srl, a company that focuses its work in the tradition of innovation and precision machining, was founded in 1973 in Belvedere Tezze (Vicenza) by Cav. Camillo Baggio, who, thanks to a careful management of the company, allowed Ismec to become a key provider of highly specialized companies, in order to satisfy the wide panorama of machining.

Ismec works in several sectors: naval, energy plant, iron and steel industry, oil and gas, molding and extrusion, and thanks to the highly differentiation of machineries, the company can machine various components of different shapes and dimensions to satisfy any customer's need.


Ismec Divisions

Ismec also offers a complete service, which consists on the study and development of customers' projects, production and precision machining using software simulations for multi-axis machining (CNC).

The works that Ismec can offer are Turning, Milling, medium and heavy Carpentry, Drilling, Grinding, Assembly and functional tests.
The long tradition and experience in this field and the technical issues of implementation in several specific areas, have led the company to look at the future with a spirit of innovation and flexibility.



Since 1999, the constant motivation to improve our organization has allowed us to obtain ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2 certification by DNV.
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Machine Fleet
The machinery and equipment set-up of factory represents a complete solution for the contracting of complete working cycles (steel work construction, turning, milling, grinding and assembling), and our internal testing department tests the accuracy of the execution.

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